A Strategic Approach to Adequate Patient Healthcare Access in 2016
Scott Meyer – Secretary
January 1st, 2016

In the upcoming legislative session the Access to Care Coalition plans to take a more proactive posture to insure that New Jersey patients have adequate access to qualified neurosurgeons in the state. To that end, we hope to bring attention to the tactical abuse of utilizing excessively narrow networks as a cost containment measure for insurance providers, effectively limiting patients access to quality care.

The New Jersey Neurosurgical Society plans to work with the Coalition to find sponsors of a more reasonable approach that protects our patients from surprise bills while maintaining a “market-based approach” to reimbursements. This approach helps to prevent the creation of a statewide healthcare environment in which insurance carriers have monopolistic control of the healthcare system. In addition, we plan to highlight and correct the use of self-funded plans to circumvent New Jersey DOBI regulations.